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Liquid Metal Coating is a spray-applied liquid metal which can be bonded onto most base materials across varying size and shape, including onto compound curves and three-dimensional shapes. As our coating process uses real semi- precious metals, once applied the surface can treated as though solid and can be burnished, textured and aged with patinas like any solid metal.

Any texture on the surface of the substrate will read as the metal surface, once coated. This can be used for dramatic effect, and explored through our use of 3D printing, to build custom embossed surface patterns. Specialty techniques in the spray application process can also be used to create a genuine cast metal surface design, which when combined with aged patina creates a true cast metal surfaces.

This innovative approach to producing metal coating surfaces allows endless customized and a truly unique finished product.







Makers of specialist finishes & bespoke furniture


Bespoke Furniture

Makers of high-end bespoke furniture. Handcrafted by our skilled team of cabinetmakers.

Specialist Finishes

We have a wide selection of metals and textures, ranging from subtle traditional precious luster to modern texture finishes.


We have a huge selection of metals and textures, ranging from subtle traditional precious luster to modern

Who are we?

Luxface Luxmetal are based business headed by Anthony Clarke and his twin sons Harry and Toby. Anthony started Anka in 2008 with a small team of 3. Over the years we have grown into a skilled team of 25 including Cabinet Makers, Artisans, Designers and the Office Team.


Luxface prides itself at being on on the forefront of design. Our in house Design and RnD team work closely with the highly skilled artisans and craftsmen to conceive designs to brief working with both traditional and modern skills / techniques, materials and finishing processes, to produce bespoke high-end luxury crafted projects for our clients.



Luxface works with a number of high end interior designer and end clients. We are able to fabricate and finish a vast array of pieces to the highest of standards. Producing pieces for residential, commercial and marine projects to name but a few.



Luxface artisans use the latest liquid metal technology which creates bespoke interior and exterior finishes. Our innovative products and years of experience allows us to coat a wide range of surfaces with a solid veneer of metal. The finished product can be polished, buffed, brushed or even textured. Using our incredible range of patinas and washes we can create the effects of aged, oxidation and depth.


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