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We design and manufacture specialists to finish the artwork for architectural and interior design.

Eco-resin | Epoxy resin | Acrylic | Liquid Metal | Cracked Gesso | Metal Fabric

Luxface is the largest manufacturer of handcrafted special finishes based in Shanghai, China.

Since 2008.

Luxface is an internationally renowned company that specializes in bespoke finishes materials for the World’s leading interior designers and architects on-brand design, commercial, education, culture, health, wellness, maritime, residential, retail and hospitality projects.

Luxface offers a truly unique, luxurious and diverse collection of features wall, ceiling, screen, door, lighting, artwork, sculpture and decorative accessories. Each of our products is hand crafted and finished to the very highest standards and our products are frequently specified by lots of the World’s leading interior designers and architects. We provide a reliable and invaluable resource to residential and commercial designers who seek originality, quality and excellent customer service – along with an enthusiastic approach to providing bespoke designs and finishes.

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Maximum attention is given to design and manufacturing processes, responsible use of resources, and careful choice of materials and technologies to achieve energy balance.


Luxface represents the industrious and simple personality of contemporary Chinese people, who are full of enthusiasm and exploration for new things. Continue to accumulate experience and energy to create miracles with internationally renowned designers.


Quality is an essential choice for us at all stages of product development, manufacturing, transportation, and after-sales services.

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How We Work

To all professionals always looking for creative freedom and inspiration, we offer a unique service for the creation of custom-made finishes and artwork.


We work with Photoshop, Illustrator, .Jpg, .tiff , and most image formats to create bespoke artwork


We frequently create bespoke samples to ensure the surfaces achieve the results you are looking for.


We manufacture surfaces and products with a wide range of surfaces textures and effects, in a variety of materials.


With a background in design, engineering and manufacturing we ensure beautifully engineered products.


Our design for manufacture approach ensures your installation will run as smoothly as possible.


Our attention to detail helps ensure our projects are completed successfully to the highest standards.

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