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Special Customizied China Luxface liquid metal panel for interior decorations any shape sculpture contertop reception

Objects finished with liquid metal not only look and feel like metal but also develop a natural patina if a certain design concept calls for an “aged” or “antique” finish. Alternately special oxidation agents can be used to create vintage finishes. The surface can be sealed or left in its natural state on request.

What is Acrylic Glass?

What is Acrylic Glass? Durability, transparency, three-dimensional inter layer and playfulness reconsider your view of architectural acrylic glass applications. Acrylic glass is artistic,ethereal, and open to your creative customization. Features the resilience and strength of laminated safety acrylic glass (meets ANSI Z97.1 criteria) front and back surfaces comprised of glass making for non- combustible surface rigidity of […]

LUMINOUS ACRYLIC COLOR illuminating translucent planes

LUMINOUS ACRYLIC COLOR A broad palette with modern sophistication. From a bold pop of color to a subtle tinted glow, the acrylic glass standard color palette belly up offers you options to suit your creative intent. Luminous Color A Translucent Monolithic Materia Acrylic Glass is a colorful, luminous and durable material for endless applications. With […]

Hardware Solutions Service

Luxface introduces Hardware solutions to save you time and money.   Luxface translucent materials have almost limitless possibilities, with unprecedented options. The struggle is not what can you create? But how will you find the time? Create custom sliding doors, insert dramatic tables, add exquisite illuminated features — all with off-the-shelf specification and full service. […]