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HOW TO APPLY LIQUID METAL COATING There are a number of ways to apply liquid metal paint or coating. You can use: BRUSH | ROLLER | SPATULA | SPRAY PAINT   Liquid Metal Transform interior design finishes and coating  into metallic works of art. Be it a simple panel or door right through to a sculpture […]

Liquid Metal Furniture Bespoke Design Service

Liquid Metal Furniture Bespoke Design   What’s liquid metal? Liquid Metal is a spray coating with metal powder on to any substrate e.g. MDF, Resin, Plastic, Acrylic, Aluminum, Metal, Wood, GRC, GRG…   Metal on Wood: Metal on :     Liquid Metal –  innovative surface coating An innovative coating can give almost any object […]

Liquid Metal Furniture Design [in 2022]

Liquid Metal Furniture Design Breaking down the latest material innovation that liquid metal can hand crafted unique surface finishes. Liquid metal finishes can be applied onto any base substrate  MDF, Wood, Fabric, Metal and GRC etc. Liquid metal helps you craft real metal surfaces. So if you’re looking to design seamless metal walls, facades, tables […]

Bespoke surfaces design

liquid metal

Bespoke Surfaces Design Architects, Designers and Landscape Architects use bespoke surfaces design furniture and fearture walls. Architects and designers want to apply liquid metal coating on any substrate and create a beautiful, durable, genuine metal finish. No one will know, unless you tell them, that it is a real metal coating rather than solid sheet […]