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A bold solid surface with luminous color

A bold solid surface with luminous color Translucency Acrylic Glass, a bold solid surface saturated with luminous color,is the serial with translucent visul effect when exposed to light. It applies for Aura technology, the infused color penetrate surface for deep glowing color. Luxtone can match any color, without a minimum requirement or any extra cost. […]

What is Acrylic Glass?

What is Acrylic Glass? Durability, transparency, three-dimensional inter layer and playfulness reconsider your view of architectural acrylic glass applications. Acrylic glass is artistic,ethereal, and open to your creative customization. Features the resilience and strength of laminated safety acrylic glass (meets ANSI Z97.1 criteria) front and back surfaces comprised of glass making for non- combustible surface rigidity of […]


ecoresin panel

HIGH TRANSPARENCY THREE DIAMENSIONAL DYNAMIC ACRYLIC  Three-dimensional freeze materials as metal mesh,metal fabric,metal woven, feather,gold foil,petal,or diamond are combined with high transparency acrylic glass in combinations to maddening effect. Every piece is characterized by a unique combination of subtle sophistication and strength of personality. The result is part dramatic, part dynamic – and always full […]