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Our Liquid Metal finishes are real metal. They can be polished to a bright reflective finish, or they can be textured, brushed and aged. They are durable and suited to interior and exterior environments. Just like any metal surface our finishes will patina and change on their own over time. The metal surface can be left exposed to the environment to obtain its own patina or it can be protected against this. In most cases we patina our finishes and seal them to keep that desired look. Our liquid metals can bond to any surface. We have developed several systems and resins to ensure the best performance from our finishes.

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Material Type

Luxface Materials

Luxface materials contain liquid metal, resin panels, resin finishes, acrylic, crystal artwork and they are widely specified for wall, ceiling, partition, screen, cabinet, furniture, door, elevator, sculpture, etc.

Material Type


Our configurable solutions resolve complex design challenges into a kit of parts that includes hardware and lighting. Where possible, components are provided pre-assembled for ease of installation