Liquid Metal Furniture Design

Location: Metro Center, Washington, D.C.
liquid metal finishes
liquid metal finishes

Project Overview

Liquid Metal-A unique iconic surface

Liquid metal represents the answer to that unsatisfied desire which all too frequently remains inside the designer in a constant endeavour to find a space were to recover a little expressive freedom and the deep down roots of craftsmanship.

“Liquid metal” is not only a collection of articles of furniture but a new way of conceiving furnishing. An extremely up-to-date style that proposes solutions from the most rigorous design, but never too rigid, thanks to the chosen wood.

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liquid metal finishes


We’re expanding our decorative metal design

Expanding our decorative metal design reach through product design is one of the most exciting things we do. We love collaborating with designers to create ranges showcasing their skills and ideas using our finishes. The results have been stunning and very successful.

The special metal surfaces Liquid Metal Coating is a spray-applied liquid metal which can be bonded onto most base materials of varying size and shape, three-dimensional shapes.

As our coating process uses real metals, once applied the surface can treat as solid and can be polished, textured, and aged with patinas like any solid metal.

Any texture on the surface of the substrate will read as the metal surface, once coated. This can be used for dramatic effect, and explored through our use of 3D printing, to build custom embossed surface patterns. Specialty techniques in the spray application process can also be used to create a genuine cast metal surface design, which when combined with aged patina creates true cast metal surfaces.

This innovative approach to producing metal coating surfaces allows endlessly customized and a truly unique finished products.

Metals in the range include aluminum, brass, golden brass, copper, patina copper, bronze, gold bronze, nickel, gold nickel, silver nickel, zinc, pewter, stainless steel, and iron.

Uses of applied metal finishes can include internal and external applications such as doors, feature walls, counters, kitchens, screens, facades, signage, lighting, sculpture, artwork, and more.

Luxmetal metal coating process enables a seamless finish, even across fixed adjoining or laminated panels, thus offering greater flexibility to create a real metal surface finish when compared to the sheet metal substrate.

Worked on beautiful light fittings, mirror frames, wall panelling and furniture.

Our Liquid Metals are the “custom”, the “unique”, the “where metal normally can’t go”

They are suitable for indoors and outside and offer a seamless solution that is a light-weight, real metal finish to be applied over complex surfaces. Whether horizontal or vertical surfaces they are durable and strong enough to be used on floors and counter or bench tops. With an expected life of 25 years, our liquid metals are your best option for affordable, bespoke and sublime metal applications.

We make it easy for you to specify our Liquid Metals.  We can help you quickly assess the feasibility of liquid metal as a design element, and working with our certified  applicators estimate the material and labour costs for any particular job.  We’ll help you value-engineer your project to find the most cost neffective options.

Right now we’re working on light fittings and mirror frames and new panelling designs.

One of the exciting things for designers and their customers is that Metalier is a totally bespoke finish. No two pieces, even if created on the same day by the same person will look exactly the same. Add the variations of different days, different heat and different humidity and the variations can be even more dramatic. The result is that each piece is unique and the lucky end owner will know that no-one else has the same as they do.

Get in touch and tell us which way your design muse is leading you.
Let’s talk about how can we bring to life your ideas and collaborate with you on something beautiful.

Material Type

Luxface Materials

Luxface materials contain liquid metal, resin panels, resin finishes, acrylic, crystal artwork and they are widely specified for wall, ceiling, partition, screen, cabinet, furniture, door, elevator, sculpture, etc.

Material Type


Our configurable solutions resolve complex design challenges into a kit of parts that includes hardware and lighting. Where possible, components are provided pre-assembled for ease of installation