Cracked Gesso Unique Design

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cracked gesso
cracked gesso

Project Overview


Created using eco-friendly materials of water based stone composite, the luxface collection is a contemparary range of title designs that

are both visually stunning and highly durable for walls and furnitrues.

cracked gesso
cracked gesso

Our decorative artists are experienced in the wonderfully organic  of cracked gesso.

Gesso can be exquisitely applied to individual items of furniture, decorative art pieces and as custom fitted large-scale decorative wall panel.

Many other striking artistic finishes such as paint effects, gilding and patination can be incorporated into a cracked gesso surfaces design with endless,

exquisite combinations allowing you to choose the perfect, bespoke finishs for your taste and setting.

Our Cracked Gesso Textures can be broken down into four individual process elements, allowing you to select from a variety of striking options to create a truly customised finish.


Cracked Gesso the texture and charm that history lends to wooden furniture and the decorative accents that make a house a home. Use cracked gesso to achieve a lovely cracked finish that once took layers of paint and years and years to develop.


It no longer takes years to develop the perfect amount of texture and age for your furniture. Now, you can create a perfectly unique cracked finish on any piece, any time. Simply apply Gesso to your unfinished wood surface and follow with your favorite. You will see a beautiful cracked finish appear on your furniture that reminds you of a true China antique.

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cracked gesso


Rich in depth and texture, our cracked gesso finishes are created on specially prepared boards, ideal for walls and furniture.


Material Type

Luxface Materials

Luxface materials contain liquid metal, resin panels, resin finishes, acrylic, crystal artwork and they are widely specified for wall, ceiling, partition, screen, cabinet, furniture, door, elevator, sculpture, etc.

Material Type


Our configurable solutions resolve complex design challenges into a kit of parts that includes hardware and lighting. Where possible, components are provided pre-assembled for ease of installation