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liquid metal polish

Liquid Metal Veneer Coating is a division of Luxface that offers a unique liquid metal finishes. We offer an array of patterns, finishes textures, and patina over the metal, and will work with the imaginations of our partners and customers to create extraordinary pieces and applications.

Our liquid metal veneer is an exclusive form of recycled pure real metals powder combined in a spray-able liquid binder. Since it is cold-sprayed, the weight of the metal is significantly reduced and can be applied to almost any substrate surface. It is extremely durable, waterproof and resistant to project space. It is also  suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects.



The liquid metal veneer coating is made of 100%  recycled metal powder. cold spray metal is needed to achieve the same desired look of traditional metal.  This means there is a greater cost savings to our clients. Once applied, it has excellent adhesion properties and can be used on most surfaces including MDF, wood, polywood, resin, acrylic, fabric, leather, glass, concrete, stone, fiberglass, GRG and GRC.

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