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Translucency Acrylic Glass, a bold solid surface saturated with luminous color,is the serial with translucent visul effect when exposed to light.

It applies for Aura technology, the infused color penetrate surface for deep glowing color. Luxtone can match any color, without a minimum requirement or any extra cost.

The emotionally colorful touch they give you is everlasting.

Acrylic Glass, a bold solid surface saturated with luminous color, is the serial with translucent visual effect exposed to light, and durability in horizontal or vertical applications, variability in form changing, structural usage and so on


Basic Specifications

Thickness:3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 25mm, 30mm, 50mm

Color: Customer-select available, available in various colors

Finish: Sandstone, Renewable, Velvet,Sandstone, patent, matte, patina

Size: 1219mm*2438mm, 1219mm*3050mm


Features & Benefits


  • Panels are translucent and charmy for its fatanstic light transmission.
  • Can be curved into assorted shape you want and installed in various exterior or interior applications.
  • Lightweight and high hardness in comparision with glass and other panel materials.
  • Surface are easily renewable.
  • Durable – solid and sturdy for a variety of horizontal or vertical applications
  • Formable – can be shaped to accommodate radius curves
  • Renewable – surface can be renewed after years of use
  • Structural – thick and stable for engineered load bearing applications
  • Translucent – amazing clarity for unrivaled light transmission
  • Great potential for its conceivabledesign element and customerized inspiration.


APPLICATION & Fabrication Solutions



Installations Application Methods Key Considerations
Artwork Painting, Sculpture, Wall art Various Various
Ceiling Drop-in tiles, Suspended panels, Attached to framing, Accent panels/fixtures Suspended ceiling tracks, Cables and rods, Framed, Mechanical Fasteners Deflection, Expansion and contraction, Panel flatness and stiffness, Fire rating
Counter Top Kitchen and bath, Reception desks, office furniture and desks, Food services areas and buffets Glue-down(mastic, silicone, double, coated tape), Standoffs, Mechanical fasteners, Friction pads Expansion and contraction, Joints between sections, Spans and deflection, Nominal thickness and thickness variance, Factory seamed joints
Door Interior & exterior doors: hinged, sliding, folding, Cabinet doors, Movable room/space dividers Framed: In-fill panels, Framed: surface mounted, Sliding track hardware(Framed or with solid acrylic), Top and bottom tracks(framed or with solid acrylic) Expansion and contraction, Panel flatness and stiffness, Nominal thickness
Floor Floor coverings, Floor accents Glue-down, Double coated tape, Framing systems Expansion and contraction, Nominal thickness, Moisture control, Slip rating
Furniture Cabinets, Desks, Conference tables, Bookcases, Shelves Factory glue-up units(either all or in part), Factory manufactured parts(integrated with client’s parts), Standoffs, Mechanical fasteners, Glue-down(mastic, silicone, double coated tape), Framed Expansion and contraction, Joints between panels or parts, Deflection, Nominal thickness and thickness variance
Lights Diffusers, Fixtures(all or in part), Lamps, Signs, Sconces, Light Boxes Framing systems, Standoffs, Mechanical fasteners, Hanging Light intensity and fixture visibility, Heat discharge, Expansion and contraction, Panel flatness and stiffness, Fire rating requirements
Signage Corporate identification and logos, Business signs, Information and ADA signs, Illuminated, Way-finding, Donor Walls Routed, Painted, Printed, Silk-screened Standoffs and mechanical fasteners, Framed, Cables and clips, Double coated tape, Magnetic
Table Restaurants and bars, Offices and cafeterias, Residential Screws(PVC Sub-base), Double coated tape, inserts Spans and deflection, Sub-bases
Wall Attached to finished wall surface, Suspended in front of finished wall surface, Attached directly to wall framing, In-fill panels in wall openings, Glued to a substrate and attached to wall surface, Room dividers independent of the wall, Illuminated Mechanical fasteners, Standoffs, Framing systems, Cables & Clips, Poles & Clips, Combinations of the above Expansion and contraction, Panel flatness and stiffness(acrylic versus glass), Non-structural applications, Fire rating requirements




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