Decorative liquid metal coatings

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metal finishes
metal finishes

Project Overview

Decorative liquid metal coatings

Created and Manufactured in China

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Liquid metal coatings is a metal veneer used spray paint system which can make any substrate coated a solid metal.

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Liquid metal are cost effective, beautiful and durable, Use them instead of metallic paint, chrome spray finishes, powder coating, metal patint, sheet metal and hot cast metal. Our liquid metal coatings can be applied to any surfaces.

 Liquid metal coatings are suitable for indoors and outdoor. They offer a seamless liquid metal coating solution. This allows a light-weight, real metal finish to be applied over complex surfaces.

New technology solid decorative metal design

Unlimited formability and unique design

Walls, furniture and works of art take on the authentic characteristics of metal. Cold liquid metal that can be sprayed, applied with a palette knife, rolled and poured. Matt, rusty, shiny or textured.

Luxurious and durable

Exclusive finishing touch to your design for Reataurant, display, yachts and hotels. Strong, durable, lightweight metal surface coating with a luxurious look.

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metal finishes



  •  Made in China new technology

  • Full service from quotation through to delivery

  • End-to-end quality control and assurance – products arrive ready to install

  • Significant cost advantage over sheet metals

  • Superior technology over any other metal coating – no other technology

    can create 3D textured metal finishes

  • Fast and efficient process (1-2 week turnaround time)

  • Finished products can be shipped anywhere in the world

  • 10 years’ experience across a wide range of applications

  • Thousands of reference sites/applications around Asia

  • Over 200 different unique finishes

Material Type

Luxface Materials

Luxface materials contain liquid metal, resin panels, resin finishes, acrylic, crystal artwork and they are widely specified for wall, ceiling, partition, screen, cabinet, furniture, door, elevator, sculpture, etc.

Material Type


Our configurable solutions resolve complex design challenges into a kit of parts that includes hardware and lighting. Where possible, components are provided pre-assembled for ease of installation