Jello acrylic resin panel

Jello acrylic resin panel

Luminous color inspired by nature


Timeless sophistication. The refined palette is fich,deep, and grounded. Inspired by complex hues found in multi-toned artichokes, variant green moss, and deep ocean waters.


Striking and dramatic. The bold palette is clean,chromatic and vibrant. Inspired by blue sky, orange poppies, and lush grass, these colors have a vital energy.


Start with captivating color,then shed some light on it. Briliant Luxtone radiates like a colored jewel when lit, opening up new design possibilities. These solid surfaces are saturated with color. They can be completely repro- cessed at end-of-life, and enjoyed over and over again.

Features and benefits


Durable: solid and sturdy for a variety of horizontal or vertical applications.

Formable: can be shaped to accommodate radius curves

Renewable: surface can be renewed after years of use

Structural: thick and stable for engineered load bearing applications

Translucent: amazing clarity for unrivaled light transmission

Luxtone is a bold solid surface saturated with luminous color. This monolithic material is ideal for horizontal applications while being engineered to be resurfaced and re-colored again and again.



Customized Color

Reflect effect

Luxtone reflect pairs beautiful Luxface colors with a reflective opaque mirror. The result is a breathtaking panel that glows and radiates color like you’ve never seen.


Embrace the elements: Pattern, Finish, Gauges, Color, Interlayer and Translucent of your materials.


Bring shade, color and intimacy to outdoor spaces with architectural touches.

showcase your inventory.

Elevate restaurant and retail displays to enhance product shelf presence.


Luxtone is bold solid surface is saturated with luminous color – a monolithic material ideal for horizontal applications.

Durability with a renewable finish

Diffusion and Effects

Lumious Color Inspired By Nature

Color Customized- breaking boundaries


Luxtone plus reflect

Lit luxtone can transform landecapes.


Lighting art design

Key Features

Related Projects


Feature walls and privacy screens, signage and branding, counterfaces and countertops, light fixtures, ceiling elements artwork, Indoor and Outdoor.


Material Thickness


Maximum Size

3100 * 11000mm