Birch Thatch decorative resin panel




Eco-friendly: Certified LEED credits, fully recycled, nontoxic, allowing for food contact (FDA Standard)

Lightweight: Half the density of glass, which makes easier installation and lightsome flexible design possible.

Safety: Excellent fire rating to Class A, toxic gas and gutta shall not be produced by combustion.

Stable in chemical properties: good resistance to chemical attack, nonbrowning and anti- aging with UV stabilizer.

Stable in physical properties: high gloss and transparency (92%), Heat Deflection Temperature can be up to 85 degree.

Excellent impact strength: 40 times of glass, 10 times of PMMA (acrylic)

Mechanically sound: Post-formable into virtually any shape or size (heat form. cold bend) without blushing and cracking. High surface hardness: anti-scratch, surface can be renewable.