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Pure Design organic materials in resin panels


Pure Design organic materials in resin panels

Luxform is pure design. Organic materials, cool metal or delicate textiles, embedded in transparent plastic.

The prerequisite for this innovative material bonding is the special rolling technique developed by us. Numerous surface design options and further processing of these top quality panels made of polyester (PETG) offer you a wide range of applications. During the production process of Luxform different effects can be created in accordance with speciations to meet the requirements of the intended use. Digital printing in a virtually unlimited variety of colors allows the creation of an individual design in connection with your projects. It is also possible to insert the multi-layer聽material inlays at different levels.

The three-dimensional effect thereby created intensi es the impression of depth. Invision panels produce a fascinating room lighting design solution when used in combination with our Lightpanels. Our product range offers numerous designs to choose from such as nature, living, techno and effects.


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