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liquid metal materials

liquid metal coating

Liquid Metal Coating Product Description The special metal surfaces Liquid Metal Coating is a spray-applied liquid metal which can be

acrylic design

Acrylic Resin Fabrication

Acrylic Resin Fabrication Let us take your project from panel to perfection. From complex projects to simple finishing details, our

Hardware Solutions

Luxface introduces Hardware solutions to save you time and money.   Luxface translucent materials have almost limitless possibilities, with unprecedented

Lighting Solutions

We have the ability to harness light   As architects and designers, we have the power to create new spatial

acrylic design


Three Dimensions. One Limitless Imagination.       Thermoforming change shape Create an elevated stage for your imagination– a place

woven metal texitile

Metal Fabric Design

Metal Fabric Design The art of woven metal Metal fabric exceptional woven metal materials exist in acombination of hundreds of

acrylic artwork

Acrylic Translucent Diffusion

Acrylic Translucent Diffusion Diffusions & Effects Control Opacity, Light, and Reflectiveness Our curated collection of whites, diffusions, and effects spans


Thermoforming yields curves to specified radii.

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