Crystal acrylic

Handcast acrylic customized bespoke

Painting with light

We can create any design, shape and size. View examples below.

We can shape these materials in any way possible and include embedded imagery so you get the exact finished product that you dreamt up.


  • Exceptional gloss
  • Very high surface abrasion resistance and hardness
  • Sparkle
  • Crystal Clarity
  • Outstanding UV light stability
  • Excellent resistance to water and dilute acids
  • Light-weight
Crystal-acrylic Products specializes in handcrafted unique and one-of-a-kind custom pieces from custom hand crafted furniture, sculpture, lighting, artwork  and in its history has created the “Crystal Acrylic”.
clear furniture

CRYSIN crystal furniture

clear furniture bespoke

CRYSIN crystal sculpture

bespoke acrylic furniture

CRYSIN crystal artwork

resin acrylic

CRYSIN crystal Lighting

This moment of violence in the natural world is frozen in stillness in the resulting forms of the furniture The raw inner qualities of the pieces juxtapose with the smooth surface finish, catching the light in a way that alters the appearance of the piece and the environment around it.


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