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About Luxface

We design and manufacture specialists to finish the artwork for architectural and interior design.

Eco-resin | Epoxy resin | Acrylic | Liquid Metal | Cracked Gesso | Metal Fabric

Luxface is the largest manufacturer of handcrafted special finishes based in shanghai, China.

Since 2008.

Solutions & Gallery

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Applications & Solutions

Let us take your project from materials to perfection. From complex projects to simple finishing details, our services include detailed design, proofing, production, fabrications, forming, lighting, hardware, installation. Our systems are designed to meet the unique challenges of specialist finishes material.  we can save you time, trouble, and money.

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We create design which tells the story of each individual space from the first hurried sketch drawn on paper to outstanding final artwork. Because each space is different, the company’s bespoke installations tell the story behind the materials. Apart from design materials, they also rile the emotions.

Our Clients

Meet Our Team

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Miki Law

Market Manager

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Henry Chan


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Fancy Pan

Sales Manager

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Chris Woakes


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Latest News

The latest information will introduce you to our latest product development and design, project production and installation, the latest industry knowledge, company exhibitions and trends, showing our passion for work and dreaming of becoming a great company.

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