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Luxform Installation Instructions


Luxform Installation Instructions

Please read these important instructions before installation of Luxform panels.

Storage Instructions
luxform should be stored at room temperature in a dry environment (72掳F, 25% RH) that is not exposed to direct sunlight or heat. luxform panels should be stored horizontally (flat) as delivered to prevent warpage. The paper protective masking MUST be removed within 30 days of receiving the shipment to prevent adhesive from sticking to the panel.
Cutting/Drilling Recommendations
Circular saws, band saws, saber saws, jigsaws, hacksaws, or handsaws can be used for cutting luxform sheets. However, some saw designs are better suited than others for sawing luxform because they produce smoother or faster cuts. Table saws and band saws usually produce the best surfaces, and they can be used in most sawing operations.
Ensure proper support of the luxform when sawing, since excess vibration can cause cracking of the panel. If you notice melting or gumming, try to increase the blade tooth size, reduce saw speed, inspect blade sharpness or provide air cooling. If you notice chipping, decrease blade tooth size, increase saw speed, check blade for sharpness, and minimize panel vibration. Do not use wet saws, water jets or expose product to water if the product has a fabric or organic interlayer.
straight cut circular/table saw triple chip 7.25鈥漝iameter,40teeth 4500 RPM
curved cut saber/jig saw Finish cutting blade 7 teeth/inch -
curved cut band saw 0.50鈥 3 teeth/inch 20 inches/minute
trimming + deflanging router carbide tipped, double fluted 1-1/8鈥 diameter 13,000 RPM

luxform is easily drilled using zero-degree rake angle bits with dubbed off cutting edges. Regulate pressure and speed until a con-tinuous spiriling chip is observed. Back out drill frequently to free chips. This is particularily important when drilling deep holes. The rate of drill feed into the luxform can vary from 0.01 to 0.025 inch per revolution. Drill speeds up to 1,750 rpm are best for smaller holes (less than 1/2鈥 or 12.6 mm), while speeds as low as 350 rpm can work for larger holes. Peripherial speeds of twist drills for plastics range from 100 to 200 feet per minute. Standard drill bits will work, but bits specifically designed for plastics are recommended.
Cold Bending/ Line Bending
luxform can be cold bent for simple bends and curved areas. Because of its low thermoforming

temperature, luxform is easy to strip heat and line bend. Remove the protective masking from the area to be bent. For right angle bending, relieve 60-70% of the material using a 90 degree 鈥淰鈥 cut. Using a line heat device, regulate the heat to a temperature that allows the luxform to reach 230-250掳F. Thicker gauge requires a longer period of time to allow heat penetration. Place sheet over heat source at bend area. Allow heat to soften material; time depends on gauge, 1/8鈥 typically requires 2 minutes. Remove from heat and make desired bend, place in wood or fabric-covered aluminum fixture to cool. Do not remove until sheet cools to room temperature.
鈥lways strip heat a sample piece first.
鈥void drafty rooms which can cause uneven heating and cooling.
鈥e sure to cover forming fixtures with soft fabric (felt) to avoid scratching Luxform.
鈥ending luxform when it is too cold results in a highly-stressed, weakened material.
鈥hicker gauges (over 0.125鈥) may require heating on both sides.
鈥lways bend the sheet with the heated side forming the inside radius.

Two-part adhesives are recommended when bonding luxform to itself or dissimilar plastics. Weld-on 55 and 58 are effective when joints need to retain slight flexibility, may be subjected to changing thermal conditions, or required waterproofing. Weld-on 55/58 are to be used when bonding luxform panels to other luxform panels, PETG, Polycarbonate, ABS, or Butyrate substrates. Weld-on 55 has a longer working time (6 min) than Weld-on 58 (3 min). Consult the Evowe Adhesives Matrix (available online) or call the Evowe Technical Service desk at 86.21.54466616 for additional bonding questions.
-DO NOT use Cyanoacrylate or solvent type thread locking materials (Loctite庐) with luxform.
-Use mechanical fastening solutions (eg. Nylok Blue Patch, Teflon tape) to more permanently secure hardware.
Expansion and Contraction
luxform will expand or contract with temperature fluctuations. Special care should be taken when installing Luxform before a building鈥檚 HVAC system has been turned on. All holes for hardware should be oversized to allow for temperature fluctuations. All channels or frames should leave room for the product to fluctuate inside the channel.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can the edges be flame polished?
Yes. Edges should be finely sanded before polishing. Using a butane torch, turn flame to lowest setting, then use a sweeping motion, with the flame 1-3鈥 away from the surface. Once the surface becomes smooth and glassy move on to the next area. Do not hold the flame on any one spot or you risk melting or deforming the resin.

Can you use a router on Luxform?
Yes. Any conventional router will work with luxform. We do not recommend using a router for Crush or River Rock products.
How do you cleanLuxform?
Rinse sheets with lukewarm water. Remove dust and dirt with a soft cloth or sponge with a solution of mild soap and water. A 50:50 solution of isopropyl alcohol and water also works well. DO NOT use solvents such as acetone, benzene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, xylene, toluene, ketones, or lacquer thinner to clean luxform.
Can surface scratches be buffed out?
luxform finishes such as patent and sandstone can be refinished. However most luxform surface finishes would be ruined by buffing.
Does Luxform change color overtime (yellow) for an interior application?
luxform will not yellow over time due to interior lighting (florescent, incandescent or halogen) over time.
How does Luxform react to water exposure?
Products with fabric or organic interlayers should not be exposed to water under any circumstances unless the edges are properly sealed. WeldOn 55/58 is the recommended sealant for the edge of panels followed by the application of SilGlaze II SCS2801 silicone.
How do I remove residue after the protective paper is removed?
Peel coat should be removed within 30 days of receiving the shipment. If adhesive residue is left on the sheet, use GOO GONE庐 to remove the residue. If problems persist, please contact the Evowe Technical Support.
Application Limitations
Like any thermoplastic, luxform has some performance limitations under specific conditions and in particular environments. When selecting a product, the environment and the conditions under which the product is to be used should be considered by the user. Consult the luxform specification sheet for additional information.
Evowe, Inc. warrants for a period of up to one year from the date of shipment that its products will conform to the product specifications supplied by Evowe are free from defects in materials and workmanship. Claims made under this limited warranty must be submitted to Evowe, Inc. in writing by no later than one year after the shipment of the product. In no event does this limited warranty cover any costs relating to (re)installation or fabrication expense or any other direct or indirect loss which may result from product failure. The full Evowe product warranty is available on www.evowe.com.

This Warranty does not cover:
1. Damage resulting from unusual wear and tear on the product;
2. Damage resulting from improper specification, fabrication or installation;
3. Damage resulting from failure to maintain according to Evowe product usage guidelines;
4. Damage resulting from accident or abuse;
5. Damage resulting from the failure of a third-party鈥檚 product;
6. Damage to custom products designed and manufactured with custom inserts or based on custom specifications
7. Variations in dye lots, gauges, textures, and finishes, that may vary slightly between the samples and actual panels delivered.
8. Damage resulting to panels if plastic bushings are not used during installation and throughout lifetime of panels.


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