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LUXFACE–Elements for innovative architecture


LUXFACE–Elements for innovative architecture



We are able to provide you with personal on-site consulting thanks to our extensive network of customer service consultants in Shanghai, as well as numerous sales partners abroad.


Customised solutions according to size 聽that needs experienced specialists. You will find that our design team has the planning competence that you are looking for 聽interior designers, engi- neers, technicians and specialists from the craft sectors are available to work with you.


We only use modern production technologies. We specialise in CNC milling, laser cutting, 3-D shaping and innovative adhesive

technologies. Our electronic, lighting and control technology experts are involved in the planning, too. We also work with other materials such as metal and wood in addition to our synthetic materials. We can guarantee to provide the necessary expertise when it comes to the product-specific processing of complex applications and all from a single company.


Our competent team of specialists will work on site with you. They can advise you and will deliver, assemble and install our products. We can also undertake any maintenance that might be needed in the future.




Spun yarn in linear and bisecting formations have an energizing impact.


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