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Care and Maintenance -Luxice series


Care and Maintenance -Luxice series

Luxice panel products are crafted with the utmost care using state-of-the-art materials and
processes. Their internal core and cladding is composed of the best weathering polymers with
impressive mechanical and physical properties. However, like any fine surface, proper
maintenance and care must be used to preserve the original beauty of the material.
Spills should be wiped off as soon as possible. Liquids containing acid or solvents are especially
harmful and should be wiped off immediately. Popular glass cleaners such as Windex, which
can contain alcohols and solvents, should not be used. Similarly, the use of abrasive cloths or
sponges should be avoided, as these can leave swirl marks which can over time, dull the
For occasional cleaning and general maintenance, use either warm soapy water, a PH neutral
cleaner or maintenance spray. Recommended cleaners are Sparkle or Novus #1 and are
available online or at major hardware stores and supermarkets* (www.glasscleaner.com,
www.novuspolish.com ). These gentle cleaners should be applied with a soft cloth according to
the manufacturer鈥檚 instructions. Novus #1 has the added advantage of leaving an anti-static
surface that repels dirt and dust.
FOR GLOSSY FINISHES ONLY. Over time and depending upon frequency of usage, occasional
maintenance will be required. Additionally, minor nicks and scratches may occur that require
further attention and we suggest the use of the Novus plastic polishing system. This is a three
(3) step process that will rid most surface imperfections. Once again, please follow the
manufacturer鈥檚 instructions.
Luxice panels are created with thousands of nearly microscopic internal cuts that reflect light.
Due to this feature, the standard edge treatments of Luxice panels are porous. In many
applications, this is of minor concern and the factory edges can be left as-is. However, for
horizontal applications like table-tops, bar-tops, or other applications that will come in contact
with liquids and moisture (i.e. vanity tops and shower doors), we do recommend that the edges
be kept sealed with a good quality 100% silicone caulk/adhesive suitable for the end
application. GE clear Silicone II is a widely available brand that we recommend.

Care Do鈥檚 and Don鈥檛s for Luxice Panels
Do remove any spills right away
Do use pads under the feet of computer equipment or other items
Do maintain as needed as described above
Do use a soft cloth to clean and wipe
Do not drag heavy or sharp objects on the surface
Do not use solvents or other strong chemicals for cleaning
Do not bring into contact with high heat or open flames


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